Prepare to be haunted! The new series Lockwood & Co. starring Ali Hadji-Heshmati is now available to stream on Netflix.

Based on the novels by Jonathan Stroud, the eight-part series chronicles the journey of trio Lucy Carlyle, Anthony Lockwood and George Karim, a group of psychic teens employed by a corporation to battle and outsmart the supernatural forces that are terrorising the country.

Created by Joe Cornish (Attack The Block), he stated to Deadline “The books and world building are so clever, and the rules Jonathan has created for the ghosting and ghost fighting are unusually sophisticated for the material…It’s an original piece of earnest, scary and funny storytelling with three lovely characters at the centre of it.”

The series has received rave reviews with critics praising the series as “playful, intelligent and full of British charm” and “Netflix’s next big thing series”.

Don’t miss all eight episodes on Netflix now!

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