Dot Williams

Height: 5'7
Hair Colour: Light / mid brown
Eye Colour: Blue
Training: ArtsEd
Represented By: John Summerfield
Title Role Director Production co.
Who's Hurting You? Lead Giorgio Testi Pulse Films
Whiplash Nicole Mark Street ArtsEd
Pub Quiz Beatrice Tom Meredith ArtsEd
Closer Alice Kim Vithana Closer Productions
Title Role Director Production co.
Phaedra Ensemble
u/s Isolde
Simon Stone National Theatre
Totally Over You Hannah Ameera Conrad ArtsEd
Measure for Measure Isabella Marcus Ellard & Mike Hayden ArtsEd
Dance Nation Zuzu Abigail Sewell ArtsEd
Constellations Marianne Tom Bellerby ArtsEd
Uncle Vanya Sonya Gavin Fowler ArtsEd
The Colour of Justice Anesta Weekes Gavin Fowler & Kate Budgen ArtsEd
Lillies on the Land by the Lions Peggy Andy Naylor West Acre Theatre

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